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We are located in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia and devoted full time to our blueticks. We are proud to have the chance to raise some of the finest Cameron Blueticks for big and small game, and provide quality hounds at a championship level for hunting, showing, or for the home, We are dedicated to the preservation of the true old fashioned bluetick. We want to produce a true ​dual purpose hound and to breed premium performance blueticks. Bluestone Bluetick's wants to keep this particular Cameron bloodlines going to produce better quality hounds. I'm proud to be able to take this journey and to build a successful foundation at Bluestone Bluetick's. We invite you to browse our new website and enjoy the pictures and pedigrees of these wonderful Cameron hounds!


My name is Beatrice and I was blessed enough to be a part of the bluetick world. We are a family of showing, breeding, and hunting some of the finest quality Cameron Bluetick's in West Virginia today. My children started with Walkers and then moved our way up to Blueticks, my husband ran fox with the Goodman hounds growing up. I'm proud today to be able to own, breed, produce and raise quality hunting and show Cameron Blueticks!


I started searching for our new Cameron Bluetick's about the end of November, 2003. I started researching bloodlines and Cameron hounds before we made our first purchase, because I knew I would be in it this time for the long haul.  I put my heart and soul into finding just the right Cameron hounds to bring into Bluestone Bluetick's! About two year later, we found what we were looking for and we were off and running in the right direction.

Years later our dreams have come true and we have so many people to thank that has helped us along the way!  I want to thank, Del Cameron, Jim Harrell, Bret Westphal for all your help and support with the start of the Cameron hounds and to David Pool And Matthew Wolfe for the breeding's to their outstanding Cameron males.

Today's Del Cameron Hounds have been tomorrow's legends for over 50 plus years. Cameron Hounds have also been used successfully for man trailing in search and rescue missions as well as in law enforcement work. Their versatility for this kind of tracking is due to their cold-nose abilities and their high intelligence. They look like hounds, they sound like hounds and they hunt like hounds. Pure Cameron pups always have been good-looking and early-starting from pack leaders that are very intelligent and outgoing with good homing instincts. They try to please and most make top strike dogs from rig or dry ground. "They run to catch and tree to stay!" Please take the time to read  "The Call Of The Hound by Del Cameron"


"There is only one thing left to do now, as one friend said to us"

Take The Hounds And Run With Them!

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