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We take great pride in helping you find the best bluetick that will meet your goals for competitive hunters, Show or home and make your investment of time, passion, and money one of the best decisions you ever make in the bluetick world. Bluestone Bluetick's has the finest collection of  Cameron blueticks.

Don't Wait To Long Because They Will Be All Gone

Two litters on the way

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I'm sorry to say that I only have one or so litters a year and I never had 10 brood bitches to supply everyone with quality puppies, but when your breeding outstanding Cameron hounds they don't last long. I do have some great people and friends that have the True Old Fashioned 100% Cameron puppies and Cameron/Sugarcreek Cross that come up for sale every now and then. I’m sure we can find the right Cameron Blueticks to meet your needs.
For more information on upcoming Cameron and Cameron/Sugarcreek puppies Call 304.445.6529

Wetapo Creek Kennels

100% Cameron Puppies Due Jan 7th

Upcoming 100% Cameron Litter In CO

100% Cameron Puppies Due around Jan 7th
Don't miss out on this upcoming litter, both sire and dam are fast, tough, extremely cold-nosed, high-energy, high-drive hounds. The results can be measured by the many hunters that have bought Cameron pups. 
Put a Christmas card under the tree to let the one you love know he/she is the proud owner of a Cameron pup!

Dustin's Desert Rim

Puppies Due In 4 Weeks!

Upcoming Litter from Kevin Dustin


Puppies will be on the ground in the next few weeks, what a amazing present for the hunter in your home! Put your Cameron order in for Christmas today..

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