Upcoming Litters


Upcoming 100% Cameron 2020 Litter

This Litter Is Sold Out
CH Bluestone's Lonesome
Ms. Cameron
Gus Cameron

$300.00 Deposit

I will be taking deposits in December for this upcoming litter. Please call for more information 304.445.6529 

Upcoming 100% Cameron Litter

Late 2020 breeding

Bluestone's Ms. Jessy Cameron

$300.00 Deposit

I will be taking deposits late 2020 for this upcoming litter. Please call for more information 304.445.6529 

Upcoming 3/4 Cameron Litter 2021

Bluestone's Ms. Belle Starr
Bluestones Cameron's Legend

$300.00 Deposit

I will be taking deposits 2021 for this upcoming litter. Please call for more information 304.445.6529 

Terms And Conditions

Selective breeding takes time and is not mass-produced. Bluestone Bluetick's offers pups for sale as they become available. Our puppies are raised in the home with great attention, care and socialization is a top priority for us. We believe the exposure will make for a more social and confident puppy. Please contact us if you wish to be added to our waiting list or you may send a payment of $300.00 to reserve a Cameron Bluetick puppy when I start to take deposits.

Please Ask Or Call About The 2020 and 2021 Litters

If no answer please leave a message so I can return your call .


Our Sires And Dams Are UKC, AKC And PKC Registered

DNA On Sires And Dams

Please Read
Terms And Conditions are legal and Binding And Subject To  Penalty

Our passion for the bluetick has provided us with a life we have dream about, and we cherish the many extraordinary people we have met in our journeys. By sharing our love of these noble hounds, we are proud to have made so many friends and would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to those who have graciously welcomed us into your hearts and homes. We salute your passion for your beautiful hounds and are thankful that you have shared your joy with us. For those we have not yet met, we look forward to making your acquaintance and hearing about your own journey with the Bluetick breed.

Our puppies/dogs is not to be surrendered to an animal shelter or to be sold or given to another party without breeder consent. In the event the buyer can no longer assume care for this puppy/dog, the buyer agrees to contact the breeder to assist in placing the puppy/dog or to arrange return to the breeder. 

Bluestone Bluetick's will always reserve the right to take first pick out of any of my litters or out of any female. I hold the right to take first pick of any male or female at anytime out of any litter. 

I'm sorry to say we can no longer ship unless you use a pet hauler. The only Airport that has pet safe is Charlotte Douglas international airport in Charlotte, NC and a 500 mile round trip. We have found it cheaper for the costumer to fly in and check the puppy as carry on for the return trip. We will work with you to find and use a pet hauler to take the puppy to the airport to be shipped.

Puppies will be picked up by 8 weeks after that you will be charged a boarding fee of $250.00 for the week after and if not picked up by the first day of the 2nd week you loose you deposit and payments and the puppy will be resold. You may call or email us for details regarding availability on our litters. The only way we can be fair is a "first deposit, first pick"policy to hold a pup. All pups will receive 6 weeks vaccinations, veterinary check up and you will receive a health certificate on the whole litter plus de-worming 2, 4, 6, & 8 weeks prior to being picked up. Please visit with your own vet within 7 business days is recommended to confirm the health of your new puppy. Do not stop at rest areas and let your new puppy out, with one or two shot you puppy is still not completely safe from viruses. 

You MUST show ID to receive your puppy or puppies at time of pickup.

If for some reason the female dies, the puppy or puppies are stillborn,  all your deposits, along with all of your payments towards the purchase of your puppy or puppies from that litter will be refunded to you in full..  Or our customers will have the option of applying their litter deposits & payments towards the purchase of another puppy or puppies out of our upcoming litters. If we don't have enough puppies in a litter that is born you and your deposit go to the next available litter.

"If for any reason the customer backs out on the sale of a puppy or puppies, the deposits and payments will not be refunded to the customer. If you use a false name or a different name other than the one you used to put the deposit on a puppy you will loose your deposit and payments. Any falsifying information is a termination of the sale and deposit.

100% Cameron Breeding Sires

Owner Beatrice McGill

Ch. Bluestone's

Lonesome Bo Cameron

Owner Beatrice McGill

Coming soon

Bluestones Cameron's Legend

Owner David Pool

Guss Cameron

Owner Matthew Wolfe

Wolf'e Griz Blue Cameron

All Pictures Are On A Slider Gallery

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